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Meh, it's alright.

The graphics are great, they are nearly the real thing. The fighting scenes are really slow and not too interesting, though. Why do the guns only fire 3-4 bullets before being thrown away? Why do the mooks just stand there waiting to get killed, not even trying to defend themselves?

It's also really short. Needs improvement, but has promise.

Verdict: 2/5, 4/10

Par Excellence!

The Good:
+ Song was catchy! I can leave this running in a loop 3-4 times before getting tired of it. By the way, props on making it auto-loop, it makes the flash that much more awesome.
+ Solid animation and graphics. Nothing to say here really.
+ Moustaches? The hell? Awesome.

The Bad:
- The female voice was... a bit off. It fits within the song nicely and everything, but by itself it was really aweful singing. It reminds me of Eric Cartman's Jennifer Lopez voice.

Final Words: Who made this song? You? Who did the voices (male and supporting female)? I'd like to see this info displayed in the author's comments, and I apologize if these questions have been addressed already.

Verdict: 4/5

Frustratingly Mediocre

The Good:
+ Amazing artwork here. This is top 1% stuff you drew in the background! The fact that there is so much talent in the artwork makes the film's shortcomings all the more disappointing.

The Bad:
- A lame attempt at humor not only ruins the thematic element at the start. And worse, it wasn't funny.
- The main character's artwork! What the hell, man? Why is a character from Pokemon stuck into a serious horror flick? This is the single greatest flaw.
- Subtitles instead of voice acting. Given your level of talent, I doubt you'd have trouble finding a good voice actor for the main character if you are unwilling to do it yourself.
- Not scary. The pacing, coupled with the above flaws seriously draws away from it and makes it creepy - at best.

Final Words: This could easily have been top 10 all-time material, but it was ruined by some fundamental flaws. Augh!

Verdict: 2/5

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Game is glitchy and nonsensical. The price reduction seemed to apply to the offline watts at first, but no longer does at all. It applies to the idle watts gained and rubbing power correctly, only applies to the battery capacity for the next purchase (and subsequently reverts to the regular price), and never applies to itself. For something with no description that is certainly an inconsistent upgrade. Its also far and away the toughest to get to level 50.

The basket upgrades do not show up in the main screen, so its difficult to tell that they apply.

Rubbing power (the main unique aspect of the game) quickly becomes useless as it scales terribly. It seems like you tried to remedy this with the basket upgrades which works to a point, but I'm over 100 K/s on idle watts and rubbing barely makes an impact.

The offline watts are a nice idea but are horribly overpriced and inefficient given the "bucket" mechanic of battery power maxing out anyway. Also, what precisely is the Overnight success medal's requirement? Because if it's half a Megawatt, I've hit that number several times over.

Fairly basic but enjoyable, unique and well put together.

The Good:
+Art is nothing amazing but it reminds me of retro NG games.
+Music fits nicely
+The game does cause your eyeballs to jump around a bit with the randomly appearing letters and the approaching guard.

The Bad:
-The game is just too basic to be fun for more than a few minutes. It's a fun timewaster for those few minutes though.

As a final note, nice gta reference with the font and busted screen :P.
Verdict: 4/5, 7/10.

It's great, but not as good as its predecessor.

The Good:
+ Upgrade system is well done
+ Having to choose between 2 of the 3 mages is a great addition. I love little bits where you can customize your own game instead of just maxing everything.

The Bad:
- It feels like a lite version of Royal Warfare. I didn't care to 3 star every mission like i did that game.
- It gets way more repetitive over a short period than Royal Warfare. Unlike its spiritual predecessor you cannot directly control units and the only thing at your disposal is archer targetting and spells. It is not nearly as engaging and after 10-20 levels it gets very boring.

*Make Royal Warfare 2! This game is fine enough but seriously, make a new game with new classes, upgrades and missions on the first games basis!

4/5 Good, not Great.

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Props, man.

Great music, very touching. You really conveyed your emotions here in an amazing way.

Verdict: 5/5

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks, appreciate the review.

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